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Medical Freedom Act

YOUR chance

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Medical Freedom Act is a 20 year mission to restore medical freedom through political activism and legislative change at the State and Federal level.

We aim to grow and support a network of independent, de-centralized, grass-roots organizations each acting towards the common goal of medical freedom.

Your political affiliation doesn’t matter.

Independent organizations can leverage politics to achieve Medical Freedom Act objectives.  Medical freedom is bigger than politics.

We are 🌈Inclusive, 🌈Diverse, 🌈Vaccinated, 🌈Unvaccinated, Tall, Short, and everything else.

We are about HUMAN rights.


Protests, rallies, media coverage are a necessary half of change.


But, by themselves, they will not change anything. Politicians are not afraid of protesters. But they do serve to get like-minded people in contact with each other.  They give protestors the emotional energy to engage in future political activities that will change laws.

visiting a senator

Real change is done through legislation.

We have to engage politicians on an individual basis.  This is done in two ways:

1.  Votes

2.  Visiting with them face-to-face


This is totally private.  No one will know how you voted or what you say to your elected politicians.  

You don’t need to suffer in silence.  You don’t need to sacrifice your reputation.  You don’t need to attend rallies.  You don’t even have to tell anyone.  

medical freedom act

Medical Freedom Act provides training, support, and model legislation you can use to demand medical freedom legislation from your Senators and Representatives.

The Framework is the model legislation that inspires all legislation at the State and Federal level.

Coming Soon

The MFA Connect software will let individuals and grassroots organizations work together for medical freedom.  You can join organizations and discover other organizations based on your location, state, and employer.  You can make your own organization, no matter how small.  This platform is not reliant on big-tech so you cannot be de-platformed or censored.  MFA Connect is a solid backbone that works alongside all other social media and chat programs.

Organizers have several activism tools that no other platform provides in one place:

  • Membership management.
  • Campaigns:  petitions, mass emails, event scheduling, participation metrics.
  • Everything can be targeted to a specific State, legislative district, geographic area, and employer.


We will win but only through independent coordinated action.