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Please Donate to Attorney Tom Renz

He has been absolutely pivotal to exposing the big-pharma vaccine deception and to bringing whistleblowers and government/military malfeasance to the courts.

GiveSendGo for Renz Law

We’re developing a grassroots organizing tool:

  • It allows you to connect with others who are like minded to get medical freedom legislation passed at the Federal and State levels :
    • It connects the entire USA.
    • It lets you discover others at your own company.
    • It lets you discover others in your state and voting district.
    • Existing Organizations can discover other organizations and join forces.
  • It lets you organize securely and privately, without being monitored by employers or Big-Tech (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).
  • This is OUR system, so you cannot be censored, de-platformed, or shadow banned.
  • Lets you start and manage your own Organization.
    • Keep a membership of people in your organization
    • Be able to message them without being censored.
    • Launch campaigns of different kinds:
      • Visiting politicians (the main mission of the Medical Freedom Act),
      • Coordinating real world events like rallies and protests,
      • Launch your own petitions.
      • Communicate to an audience of people either in your organizations, sub-organizations, or even statewide who are invested in medical freedom.
        • Do your own organizational fund-raising.

Over time, we’ll be adding more features to help us push our legislation because we cannot rely on any big-tech to help us.  They continue to take us off the internet by de-platforming, censoring, shadow-banning, or outright deleting you.

This is not intended to replace social media or other forms of communication.  It is a tool for a very narrow purpose.  Think of it like a HAM radio network.  It does one thing – it does it well, and it survives.

In order to fight for the next 20 years, we absolutely need this system or else we’ll always be fragmented and de-platformed by big-tech.

Your gift donation will be applied only towards:  server costs, bandwidth costs, and software development.


Note:  This is not a 501c3 organization and your gift donation is not tax deductible, but with the donation thresholds being so high, very few donations are tax deductible anyways.