01. Unwanted Medical Procedures

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1 Unwanted Medical Procedures
1.1. [PERSONS] Persons. No person shall be coerced, rewarded, incentivized, or
otherwise mandated by government, corporations, persons, or groups of
persons to undertake any medical procedure or treatment.
1.2. The individual person has the ultimate authority to reject any unwanted
procedure or medical treatment without:
1.2.1. Reprisal,
1.2.2. Loss of services,
1.2.3. Loss of privileges,
1.2.4. Change in workplace conditions, benefits, or opportunities
1.2.5. Loss of rights.
[CUSTOMER] Customer. No customer shall be required any medical procedure
or product utilization as a prerequisite of services.
[GOVERNMENT] Government. No federal entity, state government, or
otherwise lawmaking entity, shall have the power to require, under any
circumstance without exception, that any individual undertake a medical
procedure or use of a product upon their person.
[EXCEPTIONS] Exceptions. No reason, including medical emergencies, shall
ever be grounds to invalidate any part of this Act, without exception.
1.6. [TESTING] Testing. Testing is also a medical procedure and falls in the scope of
this Act. Testing involves any contact with body components or any matter left
as a trace (e.g. saliva). Testing may or may not retain data such as genetic
information about a person. No person shall ever be compelled or required
into testing by any government, corporation, person, or group of persons.


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