11. Medical Manufacturing

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11 Medical Manufacturing
11.1. [DUE] Due Process. No manufacturer shall be immune from due process by any harmed party in a court of law.
11.2. [ARBITRATION] Arbitration. Arbitration shall not be an option to replace judicial process by a court of law.
11.3. [DOCUMENTS] Documents. Manufacturers are required to indefinitely retain all development, safety, and trial documents and materials of any medical product.
11.3.1. Documents shall be furnished to prosecutors or via the discovery process within 24 hrs of notification by any means.
11.3.2. Destruction of any documents is a felony. The responsibility and culpability for the preservation of documents begins with the senior corporate officer and extends to all persons involved. Penalties shall be graduated for any person with increased levels of authority in the corporation.
11.4. [INGREDIENTS] Ingredients. The full chemical and ingredient composition of a product shall be filed with the CDC and FDA.
11.4.1. It is a felony to produce any product differently than the composition filed with the CDC and FDA, whether experimental, under EUA, during trials, or final production.
11.4.2. A manufacturer shall have no privilege of intellectual or proprietary information protections to withhold disclosure of the full chemical and ingredient composition of a product in any stage of development or production.


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