13. Financial Protections

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13 Financial Protections
13.1. [FINES] Fines. No government, corporation, person, or persons shall have the authority to fine any person, persons, or corporation under any medical reasoning.
13.2. [COMMERCIAL] Commercial Interference. No government entity may interfere with any commercial enterprise for reasons of medical need or public health.
13.3. [ENFORCEMENT] Enforcement. No municipality, government agency, civilian police organization, corporation, person, or group of persons shall enforce any rule, regulation, law, statute, executive order, mandate, or statement of presumed authority which violates any clause of this legislation.
13.4. [SEIZURE] Seizure. No government entity shall have the power of seizure of any financial or tangible assets for any person(s) or corporations who violates any government medically related rule, mandate, regulation, policy, or law.


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