17. Privacy Protections

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17 Privacy Protections
17.1 [DATA] Data Collection.
17.1.1 No government, corporation, person, or group of persons may require any person or group of persons to wear or be implanted with any medical device or treatment which has any surveillance capability either by design or with a passive surveillance characteristic.
17.1.2 No corporation, person, or group of persons shall aggregate, collect, sell, maintain, or distribute any medical data without the permission of the person. Permission may not be coerced, obtained through reward or incentive, or obtained by unnecessarily binding increased collection to a service.
17.1.3 Any data aggregated, collected, sold, maintained, or distributed shall be only through explicit authorization of the person. A different or degraded level of service shall not be offered by any government or corporate entity if a person opts out of providing private medical data.
17.1.4 Permission shall be solicited in such a manner that the person understands what they are agreeing to in ordinary language.
17.1.5 Any transaction or data about a person who subsequently declares they no longer understand shall result in immediate destruction of that data about that person, including the information distributed into aggregated, de-identified data.
17.1.6 A person may revoke authorization at any time, without the requirement of a reason. All collected data shall be destroyed within 24 hours.
17.1.7 Authorization by a person or corporation shall be granted only between two parties and may not be transferred or carried through to other entities.
17.1.8 Any person who declines data collection about their person shall not be treated differently than those who opt-into data collection including the issuance of services, quality of service, availability of services, cost, or timeliness of service. This applies to any government, corporation, person, or group of persons.
17.1.9 Biometric or genetic data about person may not be used to provide a different level of commercial, governmental, or private service for that person.
17.1.10 Any use of biometric identification shall have a corresponding non-biometric alternative. A biometric identification only option shall not exist even if temporary in nature. No individual shall be required to cooperate with any form of biometric identification. A corporate or government entity shall be required to prominently display the existence of an alternative procedure in lieu of biometric identification. An alternative non-biometric procedure shall not be more difficult to utilize than a biometric identification procedure.
17.1.11 Biometric, genetic, or characteristic data about a person may not be exported outside the United States of America.
17.1.12 Biometric, genetic, or characteristic data about a person may not included in a patent, be copyrighted, or trademarked.
17.2 [GENETIC] Modifications to Genetic Code. No person shall ever be required to accept modifications to their genetic code.
17.2.1 Any product which has the ability, the potential ability, or suspected ability to modify human genetic code shall be labeled as “dangerous to human genome”.
17.3 [PRIVATE] Private Medical Data
17.3.1 Private medical data includes, but is not limited to: Age Sex Weight Height Body Mass Index Genetic code Medication history Medical procedure history Allergy history Vaccination history Mental health history Any history of body anatomy
17.4 [VACCINES] Vaccinations
17.4.1 No medical product may include a feature designed to surveil a person.
17.4.2 No medical product may include a feature designed to reveal the vaccination status of a person.
17.4.3 No government, corporate, or other entity shall use any characteristic of a vaccination treatment to qualify, segregate, identify, or categorize a person(s).
17.5 [DOCUMENTATION] Government Documentation
17.5.1 No entity shall retain vaccination history on or associated with any government identification or create an association between vaccination history and any government issued document that identifies a person.


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