18. Criminal Penalties

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18 Criminal Penalties
18.1. [SENTENCES] Mandatory minimum sentences.
18.1.1. Unless otherwise increased in this Act, the penalty of a felony shall be no less than 5 yrs imprisonment (Class D felony) but no more than 10 years, without the possibility of length of sentence reduction.
18.1.2. A serious felony shall have a 10 year penalty of imprisonment without the possibility of parole.
18.1.3. Any person convicted of a serious violent felony, defined as resulting in serious bodily injury or death, shall be imprisoned for life or for any term of years not less than 10, considering each death.
18.2. Any public official with oversight of any medical policy or rulemaking resulting in medical treatment induced death shall be be treated as a serious violent felony for resulting each death.
18.3. [EXECUTIVE] Executive Culpability. Any person serving as an upper level executive or leadership position of a government agency or corporation shall have at least a felony level of responsibility for the actions of any subordinate if they engage in a violation of any section of this legislation. Executive culpability begins at the highest position of an organizational hierarchy and continues downward stopping at the first conviction. Resignation from service in a corporation or government entity does not alleviate an individual from executive culpability.


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