19. Medical Experiments and Research Protections

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19 Medical Experiments and Research Protections
19.1. [EXPERIMENT] No government agency, military, corporation, person, or group of persons may perform any medical experiment or research unless those person(s) are given and meet all elements of informed consent as prescribed in this Act.
19.1.1. Medical negligence, oversight, or accidental occurrences shall not be defensible for violations of this Act. Entity leadership shall exercise sufficient mitigating procedures or abstain entirely to avoid violations of this Act.
19.1.2. Medical experiments or research must be terminated if it causes temporary or permanent harm to the test subject.
19.2. No research may be conducted on infectious diseases which increases its natural risks or harmful capabilities.
19.3. All negative effects observed during research and development shall be documented and disclosed to the general public by the researching entity. All disclosures shall be additionally submitted to the CDC. The CDC shall maintain a publicly accessible database. The CDC shall indefinitely retain all disclosures.

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