02. Access to Treatment

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2 Access to Treatment
2.1. [AVAILABILITY] Treatment availability. Healthcare providers, medical licensing boards, healthcare corporations, or individual practitioners may not withhold the option of a treatment or medical product if requested by the patient or their designated representative.
2.2. [CONSCIENCE] A medical provider shall not be required to participate in medical procedures or treatments that violate the providers’ freedom of conscience, religious beliefs, or that which will cause harm to human life.
2.3. [TRY] A person shall have the option to try any treatment or medical product regardless of approval status.
2.4. [LOGISTICS] Logistics
2.4.1. The U.S. Government will not warehouse, stockpile, or store any medication, treatment, or medical product if a State requests it.
2.4.2. The U.S. Government shall create no undue obstacles to medical product or treatment transportation.
2.4.3. If product or treatment shortage exists, each state shall receive a proportional share of the product or treatment as negotiated between states without interference from the federal government unless manufacturers are unable to meet demand. All state to state resource negotiations shall be conducted only via recorded, open meetings available to any person at any time via website. If demand exceeds supply as projected for a 30 day stockpile, then the Federal government shall arbitrate a proportional share of medical product or treatment for any state requesting the medical product or treatment.
2.5. [DENIED] No person may be denied qualification for an elective procedure, non-elective, or emergency medical treatment based on the acceptance or denial of another medical procedure, including, but not limited to:
2.5.1. Vaccinations.


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