21. Medical Information Technology

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21 Medical Information Technology
21.1. [HELPDESK] Helpdesks for Medical Information Systems
21.1.1. Any government medical data collection system shall offer a full time help desk function adequately staffed to allow a healthcare practitioner or their designated representative to reach a human agent in 5 minutes of less. Others shall have a wait time to reach a human agent not in excess of 10 minutes. The helpdesk shall make public monthly reports detailing all call volume data, including wait times. Staffing shall be modified based on monthly historical data and by agency forecasts of demand.
21.2. [PUBLIC] Public Accessibility of Data
21.2.1. The following requirements apply to all government information systems: Shall have a public interface to internal systems. Shall offer downloadable structured data of any database contents. Shall have an uptime reliability of 99.99% (expected downtime of 43 seconds daily, 5m 2s weekly, 21m 54s monthly, 1h 5m 44s quarterly, 4h 22m 58s yearly). Shall not utilize any obstacles such as log-ins or other forms of qualification or screening to access data or download data. Data may not be stored or processed “off-premises” by a third party contractor. All data must be retained on federal government property, on federal government owned information systems.
21.2.2. Shall maintain all historical data accessible by any person(s).
21.2.3. It is a felony for any person(s) to modify or delete any original or historic data from a government medical database.
21.3. [REGISTRY] Registry of Information Systems. The CDC shall maintain a publicly available registry of all medical government or contractor database or storage information systems.
21.3.1. This registry shall include instructions for public access to each information system, including instructions for retrieving structured data.
21.4. [CONTRACTORS] Government Contractors. These requirements shall apply to any government contractor.


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