23. Consumer Protections

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23 Consumer Protections
23.1. [ADVERTISEMENT] Advertisements. Advertisements of a medical procedures, treatments, or products must fully disclose any risks, harm, or temporary conditions which are expected, predicted, or identified by third parties to the manufacturer, as being anything less than “safe” as defined in this Act.
23.2. [TRIAL] Trial Data Availability. Manufacturers shall make all trial data available to consumers through a website that is publicly accessible. It shall not require registration or disclosure of identity or other information. Manufacturers shall make all trial data available to the CDC and FDA.
23.3. [TERMS] Terms and Conditions. No entity may require acceptance of any terms or conditions which conflict or create obstacles to the adherence to the requirements of this Act.
23.4. Medical Care
23.4.1. [VACCINATION] Vaccination Status. No healthcare provider or medical professional shall deny healthcare to a person based on vaccination status or previous treatment history.
23.4.2. [RECORDS] Healthcare Records. Healthcare providers shall make all medical records available electronically within 48 hrs to a patient upon request at no cost at an interval no less than one year. Electronic records requested more than once in a year may be charged a fee.


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