24. Healthcare Provider Education

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24 Healthcare Provider Education
24.1. [TRAINING] Training Requirements. Every medical professional shall be required to attend 8 hours of training on this Act as a pre-requisitive of initial education or certification. This requirement applies to any medical professional serving in a medical capacity in, but not limited to: government service, any member of academia, any corporation, research, military, or non-governmental organizations.
24.1.1. Any medical professional in current practice never having had attended initial training on this Act shall be required to complete such training no later than December 2022.
24.1.2. This requirement also applies to anyone serving in a managerial capacity.
24.1.3. Any medical professional having already completed this education shall be required to attend at least 2 hrs of yearly recurrent training on this Act.
24.1.4. Training on this Act may be accomplished in person or through online education.


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