03. Emergency Production

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3 Emergency Production
3.1. [PRODUCE] Any state declaring a medical emergency shall have the right to produce any medical product or treatment using any production means necessary, including conscription of any corporation in the state.
3.1.1. This activity shall be compensated at fair market prices.
3.2. [DISRUPT] The State shall ensure no unreasonable disruptions occur in normal production of products related to health care.
3.3. [TWO] If any two or more States declare a medical emergency, states will proportionally receive medical treatments in accordance with this Act.
3.4. [WAR] The War Time Product Act shall not be used to overrule any provision of this Act during any emergency that is medical in nature.
3.5. [PROHIBIT] No state shall be prohibited from seeking medical treatments or products using any means of procurement, including from foreign sources.


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