04. Free Speech Protection

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4 Free Speech Protection
4.1. [FREE] No person or group of persons shall be prohibited from or regulated of the exercise of free speech by any any government, person(s), or corporation on any platform or means of communication with respect to medical information or opinion.
4.2. [PROFESSIONAL] No medical professional or practitioner shall be restrained in any way from making or communicating medical information or opinion by any corporation, government, person(s), medical association, medical board, or group of persons.
4.3. [OPINION] No individual person or corporation may be constrained by any entity from expressing any opinion about any medical treatment, procedure, product, government agency, medical institution, medical corporation, medical board, or medical entity.
4.4. [EMPLOYER] Employers shall not limit employees from expressing medical opinions.
4.4.1. An employee may not be subjected to retribution, coercion, hostile treatment, or otherwise a difference of opportunity or historical treatment for expressing medical opinion.


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