09. Patient Centric Care

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9 Patient Centric Care
9.0. [PATIENT] Single Patient Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)
9.0.1. During a pandemic or large scale medical event similarly affecting more than one person, any treatment shall be granted independent-EUA under the sole emergency authority of an attending medical practitioner. The attending medical doctor is the sole authority for this single-patient EUA. No other authority shall impede the independent medical doctor. Any treatment must mutually agreed upon by the patient and attending physician. The patient must meet all elements of informed consent. No entity either government or private shall impede availability or distribution of a treatment or product.
9.0.2. The attending physician shall keep detailed logs, charts, and other diagnostic data sufficiently to characterize any inflection points in patient progress at monitoring intervals of no less than 24 hrs when in a medical facility and weekly when the patient is free on their own recognizance. All data shall be preserved in full fidelity for not less than 10 years by the attending medical doctor. All data shall be made available to the CDC for permanent data retention. The CDC shall permanently maintain all data in full fidelity. All data shall be releasable via FOIA and a CDC public data website within 7 days of receipt of the data with the exception of any PHI or PII.
9.0.3. A patient shall not be discharged by a healthcare facility or the care of an attending medical doctor until the patient has steadily improved over the last 72 hours.
9.0.4. A person may always remove themselves from any care facility. The healthcare facility shall arrange for medical transport for the person to the destination of their choice but never less than their home and then to a location with adequate sheltering.
9.0.5. Hospital or treatment facility protocol shall not impede any treatment by the attending medical doctor.
9.0.6. If an attending medical doctor believes that any person, persons, corporation, or government entity engages in practices of treatment scarcity, treatment rationing, or general interference with the treatment, the physician shall make a referral to a Medical Interference Oversight Board.
9.1. [OVERSIGHT] Medical Interference Oversight Board
9.1.1. Congress shall maintain a medical interference oversight board to investigate and report any incidences of interference with single patient EUA. The board shall publicly release all findings on the congress.gov website on at least a weekly basis. Findings shall be accessible in their entirety, without the privilege of redaction, except for PHI and PII. It is a felony to prevent release of all findings to the general public. It is a felony to withhold any information from the oversight board. No federal agency, including any judicial branch agencies, shall have the power to interrupt, seize, delay, or interfere with the oversight board.
9.1.2. Board Membership. The board shall consist of: Administrative Facilitators Two practicing medical doctors serving 4 year terms will have administrative facilitation authority. At least five administrative assistants shall be staffed. Administrative Facilitators shall be responsible for all fiscal and logistical aspects of the board. Administrative facilitators shall be tasked by an investigatory board to assist in meeting mission objectives. Administrative facilitators shall prepare a yearly budget for Congressional approval via funding for the CDC. The board shall assure the budget is sufficient to: Maintain at least 10 investigatory boards. Facilitators may increase the number of investigatory boards beyond the minimum as required. Provide for all logistical needs such as travel, computer resources, lodging, and pay. Cause no more than a 3 day delay in deploying an investigatory boards to an incident site. Fund as many administrative assistants, with board dictated skill requirements, as necessary for operations. Investigatory Boards The investigatory board shall have full operational control over fact gathering. Each board shall be staffed by three medical doctors serving three year terms, extendable solely by the complainant medical doctor(s) for the duration of an investigation if at a term limit. Board Membership Every year, Administrative Facilitators shall allow any practicing medical doctor to submit an application to join the board. Board membership shall be determined by the quality and quantity of first-hand patient interaction. All doctor personal identifiable information shall be redacted from the application. A sufficient number of applicants shall be maintained to meet surge requirements as dictated by Administrative Facilitators. Board members shall be compensated for their time based on previously agreed upon compensation at the provider’s nominal hourly billing rate. The oversight board may not consistent of any individual having past or present employment with the corporation being investigated, with any other medical manufacturing corporation, or any other entity having a conflict of interest.
9.1.3. [PROSECUTE] Prosecution The board shall make criminal referrals to the DOJ.
9.1.4. [DOCTOR] Complainant Medical Doctor(s) Powers If the complainant medical doctor objects to any aspect of the individual conduct or performance of an investigation board member, that member shall be replaced with another board member within 3 days. The complainant medical doctor shall be able to submit any personal opinions into the investigatory findings without reprisal. It is a felony for any entity of the government, any employer, or any person(s) to: Interfere with the complainant medical doctor’s participation in the board’s investigation. Threaten, harass, or intimidate the complainant, or the complainant’s family, or acquaintances. Interfere with the complainant’s employment. Base any future employment of the complainant on involvement with a Medical Interference Oversight Board. Disclose the identity of the complainant. Limit, reduce, constrain, or terminate any complainant pre-existing insurance protections. Use any medical certification entity or their investigatory powers in retribution or to harass, intimidate, or affect the complainant for a period up to 20 years after the conclusion of the investigation.


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