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Note:  Real names not required.  But, Organizers may need it to validate you at real world events.

Please make sure you receive a confirmation email since that is our primary means of communication.  Check your spam folder if you don’t receive a registration email within a few minutes.

Thank you for joining.  We are preparing to significantly ramp up operations in every State and maintain 20 years of constant action.  Please also consider joining a volunteer position.  We need 10,000+ volunteers across every state.


We do not sell or give out your information to third parties unless they are part of the Medical Freedom Act network, but only in a limited fashion.  You have to join an organization in our network in the first place, otherwise they won’t know anything about you.  For example, if you join a group, the group Organizer will be able to relay messages to you and get basic information about you.  Overall, we try hard to reduce the amount of information collected – we don’t collect things unless we need it for specific mission purposes, like what legislative district you’re in, which matters for purposes of identifying the politician whom you’re a constituent of.