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Job Description

Instructors teach volunteers how to become a Coordinator.

A “Instructor” is an MFA member who:

  • Performs guided, one-on-one training with members training to be Coordinators.
  • Teaches how to interact with politicians.
  • Teaches how to leverage communication tools to engage constituents.
  • Teaches the basics of government and elections.
  • Teaches how to interact with constituents.
  • Teaches about the MFA mission, MFA organization.
  • Teaches personal leadership.
  • Collects feedback from students about the process.
  • Answers questions.
  • Engages in self-study to retain a mastery of government and civics.
  • Keep the training pipeline updated with evolving conditions – updates training materials, makes recommendations to other divisions of MFA, takes leadership of Instructional operating procedures.

Skills Required

  • None.

Skills Desired

  • Excellent time management.
  • Requires no supervision.
  • Can make phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. to keep in contact with assigned students.
  • Computer literacy.
  • High level mastery of government and civics.

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