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Job Description

The main objective of Coordinators is to have one-on-one relationships with people. Coordinators are the frontline personnel who oversee the deployment of constituents to push the Medical Freedom Act legislation to their elected politicians.

A “Coordinator” is an MFA member who:

  • Is assigned 10 people.
  • Will keep contact with each person.
  • Will guide/train people on how to talk to politician (show them video, show them pamphlet, answer questions).
  • Will guide them to get an appointment with their legislator(s).
  • Will solicit feedback after they meet with the politician.
  • Will keep MFA Operations informed of status.
  • Understands the Medical Freedom Act mission and can answer questions about it to a general audience.
  • A Coordinator may also elect to train other Coordinators in addition to basic Coordinator duties (by upgrading to an Instructor role).

Skills Required

  • None.

Skills Desired

  • Excellent time management.
  • Requires no supervision.
  • Can make phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. to keep in contact with assigned members.
  • Computer literacy.

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