News and Video Archivist for

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News and Video Archivist

This volunteer position is perfect for people who keep up with daily medical freedom news.  Instead of sharing it into a social media black hole where it disappears forever after the posting scrolls away, posting to retains the article forever.  The purpose of is to serve as a Wikipedia-like website containing high quality material that serves as a teaching tool for students, court cases, and as a museum of everything happening since the COVID-19 government event.  This website will always remain free and maintained as a museum.

Volunteer Position Description

  • Checks various websites for news articles.
  • Copies / pastes news article into the website.

  • Assigns Categories to each article.
    • This is necessary because the website allows exploration by categories, which is significantly more useful than a simple Search function.

  • Archives videos.
    • Downloads the video and keeps a local personal copy, in case the video disappears.
    • Uploads the video to uncensored video sharing websites such as Rumble and BitChute.
    • Saves the video into

Desired Skills

  • Basic image conversion and image optimization (e.g. converting to WEBP, PNG).
    • Reduces image size to save on bandwidth costs, when appropriate.
  • Basic computer literacy.
    • Copy / paste / clipboard use.
    • Can take screenshots.
  • Optional software familiarity:
    • XNViewMP or similar image conversion software.
    • Greenshot or other screenshot software.